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  • acupuncture greenville sc


    Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used effectively for over 3,000 years for a wide range of health conditions. Treatments, such...
  • acupuncture greenville sc

    Herbal Medicine

    Our center uses the combination of modern western science and eastern wisdom to help you along your journey to natural...

Where Western Knowledge Meets Eastern Wisdom…

You’re probably here right now because you’re ready to finally experience more energy, less stress, and a greater overall sense of peace and balance in your life.

It’s likely the case that you’re struggling with one or more chronic health problems, and you’re looking for help-- ideally using natural solutions that don’t have many side effects. If that’s the case, we want you to know you’re in the right place.

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you.

Our Mission

The Center of Bliss is a dedicated and compassionate group that is here to guide you to your highest level of health through natural healing methods. We welcome you to our caring and compassionate center that helps you begin or enhance your road to optimal wellness! We adhere to the highest standards of excellence that provide patient and client care in alternative methods of healing.

  • Oncology Support

    Acupuncture’s use in cancer patients has been recommended by the American...
  • Fertility

    Our natural therapies can help many different women's and children's issues....
  • Pediatrics

    Who better to reap the benefits of natural medicine then children?...
  • Pain Conditions / Injuries

    Acupuncture and yoga have both been shown to help eliminate or...
  • Allergies / Asthma

    Acupuncture is a great natural method to treating allergies and the...
  • Facial Rejuvenation

    Stress can make you lack focus, speed up the aging process,...
  • Sports Medicine

    Yoga makes a perfect companion for athletes of all sports, as...
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The Founder

Acupuncture greenville sc

Katie Edwards, M.S., L.Ac., RYT
Nationally Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist