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Yoga and Breath

Yoga is not ONLY about the breath. It is about being about to find the breath in a challenging posture. It is about having the awareness to breathe deeply into areas of the body that needs our attention. It is about being able to catch your breath in uncomfortable places. Yoga allows your physical body and mental self to connect. To become aware of where you are in space and time. This awareness is created by linking your breath with your movement. Many yoga classes will challenge you physically and mentally and this may cause your breath to change. By doing so, it makes you breathe when you feel you can’t or maybe you notice that you are holding your breath.  Yoga is about the breath but without an awareness of it – it would just be automatic.

Yoga is not ONLY about breath because it helps you to learn to catch your breath in hard times and in challenging events. When you might feel as you want to give up, you breathe. When you feel like you can’t go on, you breathe. When you feel as if you aren’t strong enough, you breathe. When you need to let go, you breathe.

Yoga allows you to take the lessons you learn on the mat and pull them off it. Life will get uncomfortable and by practicing yoga you have a tool in your tool belt to cope, move through, and find strength or surrender in situations. You take what you need and leave what you don’t.