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Beginners to Yoga

Everyone is a beginner at one point.  From the first time we are a beginner to walking on our own, to learning to talk, to graduating college, we all are beginners.  We cannot necessarily remember everything the first time we begin something new but we can always remember the most fearful beginnings we had.  Fear is an emotion that we believe is put in place to prevent us from doing something.  We believe fear is a warning signal telling us to stop or turn around.  It limits our ability to move into new places that may be life changing for us. yoga greenville sc

Many times when you enter into your first yoga class you have some type of fear that may arise within you.  It might be the fear of being judged, laughed at, or embarrassed.  Maybe it is the fear of not being good enough to get through the whole class or being next to the person that can do everything so gracefully.  If you take that fear and make it apart of you, you are only limiting yourself out of your true potential.

Yoga is made to open up potential for you and help you realize that you can do things you never thought you could do.  Yoga postures are a physical practice that allows the mind to reach a place where it can truly rest.  Rest from all the judgmental thoughts, the critical thoughts, and negative emotions we have regarding our selves or each other.  It helps to unwind the mind to allow the thoughts to come and go as they please rather then them becoming apart of us.

We think so many thoughts a day and 90% of them are meaningless or harmful.  They fill our head with ideas regarding things that will never happen.  Yoga helps us to begin to understand and watch these thoughts so we become more liberated and free from them.  So we can go about our days actually experiencing our lives in our environment rather than in our heads.

You may be fearful to be a beginner to yoga or even a beginner to a new style of yoga.  Instead of using that fear to prevent you from doing something, see your fears as your friend.  They may be showing you that that thing you feared so much actually can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.  We all know that blessings come in disguise and always being comfortable in a place will get you nowhere.

Your life begins when you step outside your comfort zone into the world of possibilities.  Take that step today.