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Why should I do Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a bridge between art and science. greenville sc acupuncture

It has the linear effect of science where by putting a needle in the body it stimulates the body to do what it needs to do to heal.

It is an art because it allows for freedom of individuality within a protocol for treatment.

It is a science because it reduces the sympathetic nervous system or “fight or flight” response to more of a stress free state.

It is an art because it treats physical, mental, and emotional symptoms as if they are one in the same.

It is almost like the duality of yin and yang. If you have too much of something, we need to reduce it. If you don’t have enough, we need to increase it. It finds a gentle balance in the body in order to maintain a level of homeostasis. When the mind or body is off balance we find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed, and many times sick. When we create more balance in our levels we feel better about our bodies and our minds.

The reasons for doing acupuncture vary among people. Sometimes people are experiencing symptoms that they are tired of living with. Sometimes they are just tired. Sometimes they want to prevent disease from occurring in the future. And sometimes they just want to feel less depressed! Whatever your reason for choosing to take the next step in to better your health today from a deeper level, its never to late to start.

Acupuncture is not scary! The treatments are very relaxing and most people look forward to coming to acupuncture visits. It becomes a genuine experience that can heal on a much deeper level than other conventional forms of treatment.