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What’s holding you back from doing Acupuncture?

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Let’s talk about today on what actually might be holding you back from really truly improving your health from the foundation up.

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture techniques help to really get to the root cause of why symptoms are occuring the body.  It takes it back to the foundation and the mindset of our mental and physical ailments.

Acupuncture and oriental medicine takes a whole body approach to health.  It looks at internally why our body is not functioning the way it really should be.  Whether the ailment has generated itself from stress or some other type of external cause it helps to bring the foundation back, healing the body from the inside out.

A few hurdles I deal with many times trying to get people to come to acupuncture is fears.  Fear is often times what holds people back from doing something that could truly change their lives.

1.  Fear of needles

This is something that I come across many times with my patients and in my practice.  People don’t want to be hurt or harmed in the process.  I am here to gladly say – Acupuncture is a PAINLESS approach.  The needles are so small you will barely feel them.  Even children do not mind these needles.  I treat ages anywhere from infants, teenagers, to elderly populations.  The needles are painless and most people are pleasantly surprised on how much they actually like acupuncture.   In fact, they love it. 

If you still can’t get over the fact of needles – THERE ARE OTHER WAYS to approach the same powerful medical system without any needles.  Acupressure techniques as well as massage techniques still can tap into the same medical system.  

So please do not let the fear of needles stop you from exploring and benefiting from one of the highest sought out from of natural treatment in the United States.  This medicine is growing at a rapid rate solely because it works!

2.  Fear of the unknown

Yes, I understand getting needles stuck in your body might seem weird.  I thought that too, until I tried it.  Then you realize how absolutely amazing this system is and how it can really fix the root from the inside out.  This is a thousand year old medical system – who can argue with something that’s been around for that long and is still used by millions of people today.  I think that is safe to say there is something to it.

If you are still fearful of the process, it is my job to make you fearless and comfortable.  At our facility we will explain the procedure to make you comfortable and you may always come in for a 15 free consultation or phone consultation.

3.  Fear of financial loss

Acupuncture in comparision to any other type of western modaility is very afforable.   Even if the process for some reason is not what you believed it to be – the worse case scenario is that you tried it.  Acupuncture is a very safe procedure with minimal to no side effects.  How many times have you tried a new brand of medication or supplement that has caused you more problems as well made you spend thousands of dollars in the process.  In comparison to what people spend on medications and other therapies acupuncture is highly affordable.  And what if it changes your life?  Can you really put a price tag on that?

Acupuncture can also be covered by insurance companies or people may use their health savings accounts (always check before to see).   If so, there is no excuse to be fearful of this.

4.  Fear of losing hope

So you’ve tried everything right?  Expect for acupuncture.  I see people walk through my office on a daily basis in the same boat as you.  They have lost hope on helping themselves with their problems.  Couples who struggle to get pregnant for years that come to acupuncture and in only 3 months and they conceive a healthy baby!  People who have been in pain for months who are eliminated within a few treatments.   Those who struggle with weight loss that lose 10 lbs in a matter of months.  I’ve seen it work and I want you to feel the effects.

So what are you waiting for?  This could be the chance you have to turn your health around.  If you don’t have your health – what do you really have?