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Greenville Acupuncture Center – Can Acupunture help you?

Greenville Acupuncture Questions

The question I get a lot with prospective patients is – can acupuncture help me with “insert whatever ails you”?

The answer tends to vary amongst conditions, however in general YES it can help you in not one way, but MANY ways.

How many people today suffer with multiple types of ailments?  A HUGE NUMBER.

Do you suffer with sleep disturbances, menopausal symptoms, and your restless leg pain just never seems to go away?  Then we have the answer for you.

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes a whole body approach to health, so we can treat multiple conditions at the same time.  It looks at how the physical structure is working, how the internal organs are functioning, and how your mental and emotion well being can actually be playing a role in your ailments.

Yes – stress and mental overload can cause disease.  It wreaks havoc on not only our minds but our bodies as well.  This is where the mind/body connection comes into play.   We treat the mind to stimulate the relaxation response and allow your ailments or muscles to relax, therefore reducing pain.

We can help to balance your hormones so that your menopausal symptoms are reduced or disappear completely.

We allow your mind to rest so you can sleep at night.

If you have further questions regarding acupuncture and how it can help you – we always offer a free 15 phone consultations to get you more comfortable and so we know how we can help you!

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