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Struggling with Trying to get Pregnant?

fertility acupuncture greenville sc

I find more and more women in my practice coming to me for help with fertility conditions.  Many times it’s due to hormonal imbalances, endometrosis, PCOS, decreased libido, or stress related causes.  They want to have a child, but their body will just not allow them to at this time.  They spend thousands of dollars on IVF or IUI therapies with no luck and are left heart broken and helpless.  Their feminine aspect has been taken from them and they are not able to fulfill the dream of having a child.  This leaves a feeling of frustration and anxiety.

Stress is one of the biggest causes I see that creates a vicious cycle of infertility problems.  It’s either due to external stress from a job, family, or other causes.  Then, on top of that, is placed a constant drive to have a child.  This complies into a state of anxiety, hopelessness, and unworthiness.

It’s important to address the emotional factor of having to go through fertility issues for women because this is a big indicator whether our emotional state is effecting our bodies.  It is our feminine and biological nature to want to reproduce and have the joy of children.  Once that is taken away from us, it creates a sense of “what’s wrong with me?”  That then goes downward into a mass emotional story created based off self-worth.  A woman then may feel guilty, resentful, or even worthless that she is not fertile.

It’s important to remember there is hope.

There are options for infertility issues such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, or yoga therapies to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

I’ve personally seen many women walk through my door with the same issues they are struggling with.   Once we are able to optimize the body to become more fertile conceiving a child becomes more easy.  We address the root cause of why the process is happening in the first place, we reduce the stress involved, balance the hormones, increase the libido, and many times within 3 to 6 months a woman is pregnant naturally.

Not in all cases do I only use acupuncture to treat my patients but work along side western therapies to increase the chances.  Women who are under going IVF is is important to get acupuncture before and after the procedure to increase the chances over 50% success rate.

Acupuncture can bring that hope back for you.

Katie Edwards, M.S., L.Ac., RYT, is a leader in the alternative medical industry.  She motivates and inspires people to lead healthier lifestyles and realize their true potential within themselves.  She is the founder of The Center of Bliss, LLC located in Greenville, SC, where she practices Oriental Medicine, acupuncture, and teaches yoga.