Community Acupuncture Greenville SC - What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture for Beginners

Ever wonder what everyone is talking about? This “strange” medicine that made it ways to the United States from the east. What’s up with it?

Now acupuncture and oriental medicine has been making headway in our culture. People want to know what it does and how it does it. Western Medicine is even researching it trying to “prove” it effective within their model because people are seeing massive changes. Community Acupuncture Greenville SC

Let’s talk about the facts of why it works and how this mysterious system came to be.

Acupuncture deals with what is often called “pressure points” or “acupuncture points”. These points are internally and externally connected throughout the body. Acupuncture points were discovered thousands of years ago and perfected over time. This medical system is passed down from lineage to lineage from doctor to doctor showing how to treat the body as a whole system.

It allows the body to heal itself within itself. Not from any external source of healing, also known as, putting something in the body, rearranging the parts, or adding something to it.  Instead, it dives deep into the root cause of why disease is occurring in the FIRST place.

When you go to an acupuncturist we will ask you a lot of questions. I mean a lot – more questions then you might want to share with any other human being. What we are looking for is how the body is out of balance and how we can fix that. Yes, the symptoms tells us what acupuncture prescription to use on a person.

Your acupuncturist will also do some other funny thing by asking you to stick out your tongue and we will proceed to take your pulse. These are key diagnostic tools to help us better learn about the internal workings of your system.

We then, actually see a direct correlation with your tongue, pulse, and symptoms on how to treat it!

After we take a complete health history and do all that “strange stuff”. We then combine our intake and give you an acupuncture “prescription” based on your symptoms. This not only unwinds the disease pattern that is happening already but it prevents it from reoccurring in the future, and even the lucky few who prevent it from occurring in the first place.

The extraordinary Chinese doctors that figured out, perfected this system, and passed it down are masters of history.  They created a medical system actually works to help multiple types of diseases rather then covering it up.

Acupuncture is not a one time miracle, however. It’s not you get one acupuncture treatment and you are pain free forever (even though I’ve seen that happen!). Many times people need multiple treatments because they have been living with their problems for so long. It is a process to unwind the disease patterns. Remember how long did it take you to get where you are now?

Many times, it is patience. Patience with themselves and with their bodies. They have been so off balance for so very long – it can take awhile to get them back to the state of health.

And if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. So take the step to better your health and leap into a place where you never knew you could feel this good.