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Acupuncture is over thousands of years old.  It is a holistic (whole body) medical system that works with the bodies innate healing system in order to prevent and help symptoms or disease from occurring.  When we think of acupuncture often the first thing that comes to mind is that acupuncture = needles.  And most of us don’t actually like needles right?

Many times people are curious about acupuncture because they saw it on TV, within a Bruce Lee movie, or how about The Nutty Professor?  If you’ve ever seen the movie The Nutty Professor after Eddie Murphy has over a hundred needles placed in the body and the acupuncture practitioner asks “Still Hungry?”.  This is NOT the protocol for weight loss –  the amount of needles were totally exaggerated!


The needles are mostly painless and treatment protocols are catered to the individual.  People are pleasantly surprised to find they go into a deep state of relaxation and often fall asleep on the table.

Often times acupuncture is portrayed as scary, unusual, and not an enjoyable experience.  However, it is the complete opposite of what most people think who haven’t experienced acupuncture in their lives.

One thing that is important to remember in regards to acupuncture is that not all acupuncturists are the same.  You should seek out a highly qualified and experienced acupuncturist who you trust and who is there to address whatever issues or concerns you are suffering from.

Many times acupuncturists will deal with a specific condition over and over and they have more training in one field versus the other.  The benefits you can receive from acupuncture treatments are highly valuable to your health.

Did you know that acupuncture can even help you deal with stress better?  Many times people come to me seeking relief in one area of the body and after a few visits, their primary condition begins to resolve and they come back to me saying “I feel a lot less depressed” or “I react better to stress” – is this normal? Yes, it is!

I tend to focus a LOT on patient education.  I want my patients to know what I’m treating them for, why I am doing it, and what they can do in their daily lives to help themselves.  I feel that it’s important to educate patients on healthy lifestyle habits in order to not only treat them for their current condition but to teach them easy ways to help them stay healthy.

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