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Our Center is Greenville’s home for acupuncture, holistic medicine, and yoga.  We treat people taking a whole body approach to health.   We provide alternative medical therapies that gives people the tools to continue to grow and find their own state of well being.  We hold classes based in Ashtanga Yoga and use therapies such as oriental medicine and acupuncture to stimulate the body’s innate healing system.   Our center gives clients the ability to heal, grow, and spread wellness throughout the community. Greenville Acupuncture Center

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Top Ten Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture Greenville SC

1.       It is a safe and effective form of treatment with minimal side effects. And it doesn’t hurt!

Acupuncture is a form of alternative health care that produces little to no side effects when practiced by a knowledgeable and professionally trained practitioner.   The schooling for acupuncture is over 7 years.  YES! 7 years!  We go to school to learn all about how the body works and how we can make your body be at its BEST level.  The needles are so small most of the time you won’t even feel them!

2.       It works with your bodies system to help the body heal itself.

This system of medicine works with the body, not against it.  The needles stimulate the body’s energy and physiological system in order to put the body back into a healthy state.  The needles are safe, sterile, and solid, so nothing is injected into the body.

3.       It treats conditions from their root cause rather than covering up symptoms.

Yes, I know this is unusual within our western culture but many times symptoms are stemming from a root cause.  Acupuncture and oriental medicine taps back into that root disease pattern and breaks the cycle of disease in order for healing to occur.

4.       Acupuncture has been around for thousands and thousands of years. 

Thousands!  Nothing that does not work would have been around for that long.  Most other countries use this as their go to medicine before any other types of procedures.  It’s because it works and it doesn’t cause more harm than good.

5.       It can be used as preventative medicine.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Heard that before?  By using oriental medical diagnosis, and looking at the tongue and pulse, an Oriental Medical Practitioner can actually see what’s going on internally in the body before symptoms even occur!  This is a major way to prevent problems in the future.

6.       It treats mental and emotional conditions.

 It not only works with the physical system of the body but also mental and emotional problems.  This concept is sometimes difficult to fully understand but mental and emotional problems can actually be treated with acupuncture.  It can help conditions such as, depression, racing mind, grief, and PTSD.  Acupuncture is used within many veteran hospitals to help military vets cope with traumatic issues.

7.       It combats stress.

Who doesn’t want to decrease stress in their lives?  Acupuncture turns off that “fight or flight” response that so many of us live in on a day to day basis.  We become more steady, comfortable, and peaceful in our lives.

8.       It reduces aging.

It’s inevitable that we are going to get older.  Aging is a fact of life.  But what if we do it gracefully?  Acupuncture not only has specific techniques for facial rejuvenation, but it helps to slow the cellular aging process.

9.       It keeps weight off and increases the body’s metabolism.

Weight gain is a huge problem in our country.  We live faster lives with slower metabolisms.  When you receive acupuncture treatments your metabolism and metabolic rate actually will increase throughout the day, therefore you burn more calories.

10.   It gives you energy and better sleep!

Lack of energy is one of the NUMBER ONE THINGS people tend to complain about in their lives.  They didn’t get enough sleep and their energy is too low to do anything.  How about an acupuncture treatment to combat that feeling?  Once you try it you’ll be hooked!

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