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Holistic Medicine – What is it?

Many people ask what exactly is holistic or natural medicine?  Holistic, meaning “whole body”, takes in account an individual’s overall wellness.  It doesn’t divide the physical, mental, and emotional pieces of a person apart but instead treats them all as one.  When we look at a person we see the physical ailment but we also look at how that physical problem is effecting them mentally or emotionally.  Natural medicine uses the bodies innate healing system to boost that individual to be in a state where healing can occur.  This is an individualized approach health care.  holistic medicine greenville sc

Oriental medicine is one of the oldest medical systems in the world.  It is a powerful and natural method to allow the body to maintain or to get to a state of health.  The system was developed thousands of years ago and is still used by millions and millions of people today.  Many times, someone who practices a different type of holistic medicine – is actually using a branch of oriental medicine (such as reflexology, iridology, acupressure, energy therapies).  Oriental medical practitioners or acupuncturists are trained not only to use these methods but we have knowledge of the traditional medicine at its most powerful and best healing properties.