Alternative Medicine Greenville SC - Herbal Medicine in Greenville SC

Herbal Medicine

Our center uses the combination of eastern wisdom to help you along your journey to natural healing. We are highly trained professionals in the fields of alternative medical and use therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary counseling to assist you to wellness. We use Chinese herbal therapies, nutritional supplements, and eastern dietary consultations.

Herbal Medicine is a safe, natural, and very effective way to enhance wellness and treat many health disorders. An herbal medicine practitioner will diagnose and prescribe an herbal formula based on the individual patient’s needs. The purpose of the herbal prescription is not only to treat the symptoms or ailments the patient presents with, but also to treat the body as a holistic system. It can effectively be used for a wide variety of chronic and acute health problems.

An herbal prescription consists of individual herbs that are put into a formula to utilize the therapeutic action of the individual herbs, as well as the combined effect as a whole. It is also formulated to specifically fit an individual’s condition and health problems. As a condition changes and improves, the herbal formula may be modified or decreased as an individual begins to feel better.

Botanical Medicine can be used to treat diseases, as well as prevent them from occurring. It does this by strengthening and enhancing the body’s natural functions and promoting optimal wellness.

We use herbal supplementation that is customized and catered to the individual’s needs in regards to what is going on with their health.  We are trained in using herbal medicine to fit the bodies needs for various conditions and problems.  Herbal medicine can also be used a preventative approach to health care.

Herbal Consultations are available separately.  Or recommendations may be added to your treatments on the full acupuncture and oriental medicine assessment.