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Health Care Tips!

Contrary to what the media and much of the conventional healthcare system has to say, you have an incredible amount of personal power to reclaim your health without a lifelong dependence on standard options like drugs or pharmaceuticals.   Our mission is to empower you in your health!  You CAN do this.

Reclaiming your health is a lifelong process by taking the steps in the right direction.   Certain practices will either put or keep you on the path to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.   There are many techniques available to us today that allow the body to heal itself.   Investing in a whole foods diet is a great way to give your body optimal nutrition to be able to function at its highest level.   I tend to teach my patients the 90-10 rule.  If 90% of your diet is whole, unprocessed, and healthy foods then the 10% you spend indulging at parties or on ice cream on a hot summer day won’t really affect you.  This doesn’t include if you are sensitive to products that contain gluten, soy, or milk – that needs to be eliminated completely at least for 21 days before you try to reintroduce it back into your daily life.

Doing some type of physical activity 3 to 5 times a week is ideal.  Your body was built to move!  We have a tendency to become so sedated with work schedules, driving in the car, or watching TV we don’t always put exercise first.  It is important to put exercise BEFORE watching TV, playing games on the computer, or anything else that is mindless work.  You will thank yourself for it when you make this a priority over things that are unnecessary.  Yoga is my personal favorite form of activity because I feel it is the “whole package” – you get physical strength, cardio, flexibility, and stress relief in a session.  Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow classes will give you all of those in a class.  You will walk out feeling stronger and more focused for your day.

Seeking out allopathic and alternative or natural health care providers to be an advocate for your health is tremendously important not only for short term issues but long term care.  Why would you go to a doctor that doesn’t understand your health goals or disagrees with your lifestyle?  There is PLENTY of doctors out there today – find one you not only like but trust.  Alternative health care providers such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, and other therapies can really be your best friends.  It’s important to seek these types of practitioners out if you have an ongoing disease pattern but also for preventative medicine.  Many times, we as natural health care providers can really give you an insight on what types of therapies can most benefit you for the long haul.