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Acupuncture for Cancer Support

Testimonial from a patient:

Katie Edwards, The Center of Bliss, is helping me with side effects from targeted & chemo therapy treatments for breast cancer. With my first round of targeted/chemo therapy, my side effects were so severe, simply getting out of bed and moving was a challenge. Before my second round of targeted/chemo therapy, I began a series acupuncture treatments at the Center of Bliss. For my subsequent targeted/chemo treatments, my side effects improved more than 75%. My acupuncture treatments helped me manage the side effects so that I can enjoy a nice quality of life as I continue my breast cancer treatment plan. Now, I am more than halfway through my western medicine treatment plan and I am enjoying my daily activities with my children, practicing yoga and accomplishing household tasks. I will continue acupuncture at the Center of Bliss as part of my wellness plan after my treatment is complete. I am very thankful that I was able to find such a wonderful resource in Greenville. Thanks, Katie.