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A message from Katie

10419555_10100498284710459_2885589552430953664_nA message from Katie…
I was honored with the opportunity to attend the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver last week and it was beyond inspiring for me. It is very humbling and amazing to be around people who are trying to change the face of medicine as we know it. These people are trying to create a better medicine and a better way of care for both the individual and the world as a whole.

I’m honored to be apart of that group of individuals.

It’s not only for the field of infertility – which is a huge problem all over the world but for two WHOLE medical systems to come together and realize that health care should be about the person.

This symposium brought together some of the best minds and specialists in the field of integrative infertility to learn and grow together. And to expand the system and mindset of how to provide more compassionate and better patient care.

Conferences like this make waves and create change all over the world.

In the end it’s about sharing the knowledge of how to better the field of reproductive health and infertility. And its about how to provide want-to-be parents, pregnant moms, or new parents the ability to have healthier and happier babies.

I am humbled to be within the group of practitioners that provides the best and most knowledgeable care in the field of infertility in the South Carolina and Greenville area.

And I want to thank every one of my patients who have allowed me to be apart of their journeys to health and to the many more that I have not seen yet.

Be Well,