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Acupuncture for Healthy Kids!

Children and young adults have very sensitive bodies.  As children’s bodies begin to grow and change they can develop common health problems such as stomach aches, headaches, allergies, and sleeping...
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Yoga and Breath

Yoga is not ONLY about the breath. It is about being about to find the breath in a challenging posture. It is about having the awareness to breathe deeply into...
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Beginners to Yoga

Everyone is a beginner at one point.  From the first time we are a beginner to walking on our own, to learning to talk, to graduating college, we all are...
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Struggling with Trying to get Pregnant?

fertility acupuncture greenville sc I find more and more women in my practice coming to me for help with fertility conditions.  Many times it’s due to hormonal imbalances, endometrosis, PCOS, decreased...
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Embracing the Flow

You and only you are in charge of your own innate power within. This power does not exactly come from you but instead through you.  The potential inside you is...
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