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Acupuncture and Pregnancy

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used on pregnant women for thousands of years. This ancient medical system helps to heal and promote health from the inside out for...
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5 Tips to Find Bliss During Pregnancy

5 Tips to Find Bliss During Pregnancy Bliss can be described as extreme joy or happiness.  Pregnancy can be a joyful time in many people’s life.  However, many times anxiety...
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Expert Acupuncturist on TFNN Radio Show!

  Tom O’Brien and Ally Ford discuss Acupuncture, the fastest growing alternative medicine n the U.S., with two experts including applications for cancer patients, women’s reproductive health, and allergies in...
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Living in the Present

Our bodies and minds are programmed to ingrain habit patterns into our brains.  These habits will either carry over into a positive or negative aspect of your life.  Once a...
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Health Care Tips!

Contrary to what the media and much of the conventional healthcare system has to say, you have an incredible amount of personal power to reclaim your health without a lifelong...
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