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I have been going to Katie for about 3 months. I needed help getting off of a sleeping pill that I had been on for over 2 years. I had tried before and ended up sleepless for a week, and started taking the sleep aide all over again. I wanted to be off the meds, I just didn’t know how to do it without taking another pill. My first visit we talked about my sleep as well as other things that were going on with my body. I told her that I had dull pain in my low back and down the back of my leg. She assesed me and told me what we would work on. Every week we talk about what’s going on weather it’s stress, pain, sleep, and that’s what she focuses on. Since starting with Katie, I no longer take sleep aide and haven’t since the first visit. I feel so much better after going and look forward to each visit. Thank you Katie! 🙂

I started going to Katie in November, 2012 for some digestive issues I was having. I was in pain all day everyday and after just a few weeks I was pain free. Katie has really worked wonders with my health, this after my GI doctor told me to just wear sweats and live with the pain! Thank you Katie!

– KB

I started seeing Katie for acupuncture in February 2013. I was nervous at first because, like most of us, I am not a fan of needles. But I was fed up with traditional means of managing my stress and my endometriosis. Katie was incredibly informative, supportive, and understanding. She asked questions about things that would never have occurred to me and explained how everything was connected. I sleep so much better now, my endo pain is minimal, and despite starting my own business, my stress is much much more manageable. Thanks to the connection with Katie, I started practicing yoga at The Center of Bliss. I have been a regular practitioner of various forms of yoga for years, but Katie and Maryanne introduced me to Mysore and Ashtanga and there is no going back. The freedom that comes from understanding the foundation is amazing. I am a naturally Type A personality who likes competition and will always push myself to the next level be it a marathon or other fitness goals; but through their guidance and the Ashtanga principles, I’ve let go of that need. I sink into the poses and am able to be at peace (at least for a little while) while on my mat. I’m also learning to take those same principles off the mat and into my daily activities and thoughts. I am forever grateful.

– RC



Acupuncture helped me so much!!!! I recently went to see Katie because I was having trouble getting pregnant. My husband and I were trying for over 2 years to have our first child! We did a combination of acupuncture and fertility treatments and I am happy to say I just found out I am pregnant!!! I couldn’t be happier. I was also very afraid of needles at first – and I LOVE acupuncture. The needles do not hurt and I barely feel them going into me. Katie was so wonderful with me and made me feel comfortable, informed, and even excited about getting acupuncture. Please if you are having trouble getting pregnant – go to see Katie!! I wish I had done this years ago.

– BD

I had lower back surgery to remove a herniated disc about 13 years ago. Since the beginning of January, I’ve had issues with what can be best described as a “meshy” feeling around my scar- the area being about the size of my hand. Scar tissue had built up over the years. I stretched, applied ointment, got massages, soaked in scalding epsom salt baths only to get temporary relief.acupuncture greenville sc

Katie was recommended to me and I thought- Heck, I will try anything!!

I went for several sessions and noticed immediate results and I can say now- the results appear to be long-lasting. I am walking, running, working, doing housework/yardwork w/o pain! The results are not only subjective (“I feel good.”) but they are also objective as evidenced in yoga class; I wasn’t able to touch my toes a couple of months ago d/t the “catch” in my back. Now, I can touch my toes and get in poses I couldn’t do before!!

I’m so glad to have met you and I very much look forward to the next session!!acupun


cture greenville sc

The teachers at The Center of Bliss are so caring and compassionate. They will push you to your own limits in a gentle yet encouraging way. I really the like community here. This is by far one of the best studios I’ve been to.


My experience with Katie was incredible.  I went into her with a referral from my medical doctor.  My skeptisim was on my radar at first.  How could acupuncture and sticking needles in my body actually cure me?  However, my shoulder pain did not care what type of treatment I was going to get – I just wanted out of pain!  Katie’s approach to her techniques is one of high professionalism.  She not only has completely eliminated my shoulder pain but she explained to me the procedure.  I was SHOCKED at the results.  I continue to get acupuncture even after my pain had gone away because of the overall wellness I get from it.


Katie has successfully helped my husband and I conceive our first child.  After a long battle with fertility treatments, acupuncture was our last resort.  We were left hopeless.  Thank you Katie for bringing that hope back.  We are beyond grateful.


I couldn’t be happier with the yoga classes at The Center of Bliss.  I am getting my life back.  The yoga instructors have so much knowledge and guidance and they are the most caring people I’ve ever met.  As a beginner, I was intimidated by Ashtanga yoga at first but once I came to this studio I realized that there was nothing to fear.  This is what a yoga studio should be.


I had known Katie for several years and she continuously impressed me of her knowledge of all natural medicine and I would take her advice and after I always found it to be right on.  Eventually I went to see her at her office for acupuncture for neck pain that I have been treating for years with massage and chiropractic.  Katie not only treated me but also created a special herbal blend for me and lifestyle and dietary advice.  A few weeks of going to see Katie we were discussing some other health topics she asked me how my neck was doing.  I completely forgot about it!  It had been so much better and it just seemed to happen naturally but after years the only thing that I was doing differently was seeing Katie for acupuncture.  In the short term additionally after each treatment I would more balanced overall.  Katie has incredible knowledge of TCM and acupuncture and is amazing.  It was always an enjoyable experience I wish I had started seeing her years ago.’


Yoga rocks at The Center of Bliss!!! I have been doing yoga 5 days a week for 3 weeks  and lost 8 lbs! I don’t know about you but that’s way better then the same amount of time running and lifting for me, and way more fun!!!



I’ve been going to Katie, for acupuncture, for years now.  Katie has helped me with mood and various minor injuries.  My main reason for starting the treatment was my facial paralysis from a brain tumor.  In the past 15 years my face has regained some sensations and movement.  Acupuncture gave me the most help out of all the treatments I’ve found.  Thank you Katie!

I have also brought my son to see Katie.  He had been having some pain in his knees from rapid growth.  Katie was able to relieve him of pain for a few days after treatment.  When it did come back, the pain was not as much as it had been. Now his knees don t hurt and he’s still growing like crazy.

Katie Edwards is a remarkable acupuncturist, yoga instructor (I’ve taken classes from her) and most of all an amazing person.  She brings knowledge, ability and compassion to her work.  She has touched my life, and made it better by having her in it!

– JR

Acupuncture Greenville South Carolina


I suffered from insomnia for years.  I could not get to sleep at night, nor could I stay asleep.  I started going to Katie for acupuncture and it has helped me out so much.  My sleeping problems were interfering with my life and I was having trouble staying awake for my job, my kids, and my family.  I finally was able to get a restful nights sleep after coming to my acupuncture treatments.


I have had quite a bit of sports related injuries in the past few years and as a child.  I decided to try acupuncture with Katie Edwards.  She is great and knows what she is doing.  Acupuncture is calming and effective.  Pain in my ankle and knees were alleviated after a few visits.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

– JK

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It is a privilege to write this patient testimonial. I have been a patient of Katie’s for several years and I quickly came to refer to her as “a healer”. Katie always demonstrated the utmost competence and knowledge in her practice of acupuncture. She treats her patients with compassion and respect. The high quality services she has provided have improved my fertility condition. I was treated for reproductive problems (e.g., improved blood tests, regular menses) as well as my overall health and quality of life. I will always appreciate how much Katie helped me and I am comforted to know that she will continue to “heal” others in her acupuncture practice.

– LF